How To Get Automatic Amazon Price Drop Notifications

​Sometimes in our household, we take being cheap, a-hem, I mean frugal too far. For instance, we were using a +10 year old internet router that was on it's last leg. I'll never forget one morning when my husband was sitting in his chair, and with a big sigh said, "I think our router is on the fritz, I better order a new one from before it goes out this week."

Randomly, he looks on the computer and was having a 10 minute flash sale for the EXACT router he wanted. $50 off from the original price! Pure luck he looked at the right moment to get in on a great deal of the router being the lowest price it's ever been at. (I wish his luck also applied with lottery tickets).

But, this got me thinking, "Why on earth haven't we been utilizing tools to give us automatic Amazon price drop notifications?!" I think so much of our time is spent researching the best products or prices. Then when we make the decision to buy, we go with what is currently out there the moment we finally make our decision.

However with minimal planning & effort, we could position ourselves for better deals. Today I'm going to break down ​three free options and tools you have at your own disposal for getting the best amazon price drop notifications. ​

What are you waiting for? Find out what they are right now!


​1. ​Internet Browser Extensions For Price Trackers

​Internet browser extensions can be a very handy​ tracker for finding the best price on any product offered by a company such as as well as setting up price drop notifications so you never miss out on the deal.

​Say you want to find Christmas gifts for your nieces or nephews, but know you don't want to go over your budget of $25 per item for each kid. ​You can install an internet browser that lets you set a price on any product offered, and then sends you notifications as soon as the price drops into your budget range.

If you're a Chrome user, you can try installing Honey as an internet browser extension. Honey was originally a coupon-code lookup tool, and now their service has expanded to offer a price tracker called DropList. ​

After installing Honey, it will display a little badge alongside the selected product's price and it shows where there's a better deal available. The second badge displayed is the DropList where it will give you a pop-up window showing the product's price for the last or so. If this item is on your watch list, you'll also get an email notification if there's a better deal to make you aware of it.

​​Sounds pretty amazing and ready to jump on board right? Well, there's a few cons with this route.

​Cons Of Using Browser Extensions for Price Drop Notifications

As previously discussed, Internet browser extensions can be a great tool for setting a price offered on desired product and getting notifications of when that product drops to the right price.

However, ​compromised Internet browser extensions are not a good thing.  ​Depending on the level of “permissions” or access you originally grant to them can also give give attackers access to all data on your computer and the Web sites you visit.

​Yikes! Yes, we are talking about getting hacked. Most Internet browser companies are on top of their game and make it their best effort to not get hacked, but it can happen.

For instance, in September 2018 a file-sharing site called​ warned users that cyber criminals hacked its browser extension for Google Chrome. Then, usernames and passwords submitted through the browser were copied and forwarded to a rogue server in Ukraine. 

This attack ​was a good reminder that legitimate browser extensions can and periodically do fall into the wrong hands. It makes good security sense to limit your exposure to such attacks by getting rid of extensions that are no longer useful or actively maintained by developers.

​One example of a Chrome extension that was not kept updated was That Is Worth. A few years ago, this was one of the best online price trackers, similar to Honey. Currently if you look for That Is Worth in the Chrome store, it has an overall rating of 2.5, no longer active and can no longer be downloaded. ​So, it's a good idea to monitor browser extensions if you use them to make sure they are actively kept updated from the developers to reduce the risk of security threats to your personal information.​

​2. Tracks Amazon Price History & Drops

What the? WordPress is telling me I have a run on sentence and things are spelled wrong. Nope - ​ is correct! CamelCamelCamel is an affiliate of (which means they receive a small commission if you purchase through their website, at no additional cost to you the consumer). Overall, this website provides a unique service by tracking the prices of products at Amazon, providing ​charts of the prices over time, and ​notifying you of price drops.

​Pretty cool eh?

A feature ​I like is the historical chart of the price over time. For example, the current price for the router we bought on is $199.99. At first glance on on CamelCamelCamel, it shows this information when I searched for the router we bought. ​You can get an initial idea of the current prices of where it's being sold at:

Now if I click on the product title, I am directed to the next page where I can add it to my cart. I can set up a price tracker if I want to be emailed or look at the historical price information from amazon. As you can see from this chart, the lowest it has our router listed is $194.90. The data on the chart is about ​1 month behind, as the flash of when we purchased the router for $154.99 occurred on November 26:

​Note you can also click the 3rd Party New or 3rd Party Used Price Type options. The 3rd Party New chart ​shows the lowest price the router at $169.00:

​Getting back to the tracking feature, I like how you can also track the 3rd Party new options (these may also be through Historically, you know the product was $169.00 at it's lowest option. And so, you can plug in this value, enter your email and wait for the sales to begin!

​CamelCamelCamel also has Popular ​Products being searched for and Top Price Drops. Out of random curiosity, I clicked on the Top Price Drops tab. ​The first thing I see is an Instant Pot, we just bought, for $60 more than what it's currently going for! ~ Gasps. Arrrgh! Clearly, checking ​CamelCamelCamel would have been a smart move before making our purchase:

3. How To Use The ​Price Alert For Amazon App

If you aren't comfortable using Internet browser extensions, and don't want to support affiliate websites, you can download the free ​Price Alert For Amazon App! If you are not an App person, you can a​dd the desired products to your cart. If you have enabled the email notifications from Amazon then you will get alerts about the products in your cart.

Getting back to the App, it is super easy to use. Just simply go to the App store on your phone, search for "Price Alert For Amazon" and the App, or similar Apps, should come up:

​If you are like me, and need to see it in action before downloading or playing around in the App, you can always search YouTube for tutorial videos. I found this video on YouTube and I thought it explained the features of an Amazon price tracking app very well and a great tutorial:

​​Final Thoughts & Summary Of How To Track Amazon Prices Automatically

  1. ​Internet browser extensions are a great tool for not only finding coupons, but also keeping track of Amazon price drop notifications. ​Make sure the browser extension is kept updated by the developer to reduce your risk of security threats and hackers.
  2. ​Affiliate websites such as is a great service that does the heavy work of tracking Amazon prices, 3rd party new and used products. The historical price graph is also a nice feature so you know where to set your lowest budget price. The Popular Products and Top Prices categories on the page are a great way to browse sales if you need gift ideas.
  3. ​For those who like to shop from their phones or tablets, apps such as the Amazon Price Alert App, is another easy option where you can set target prices on Amazon products and receive notifications to never miss out on another sale. ​You can set up wish list items, share this list, as well ​as shop the best deals of the day.

​Are you a fan of any of these​ Amazon price drop notification tools? Do you have others you use? I would love to hear from you!

Find out which is the best price tracker for you! Is it a browser extension, a website or an app? All can save you money! #Shopping #Sales #Money

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