Healthy Snacks To Keep You Slim In The Summer

Healthy Snacks To Keep You Slim In The Summer

​​Did you know that snacking plays an important role in keeping you slim and trim? No, not snacks like potato chips or candy bars. I'm talking about healthy snacks that will actually aid in keeping that waistline in check this summer by boosting your metabolism!

​Healthy snacks, when placed strategically in your day, will save you from overindulging on your larger meals. Healthy snacks throughout the day will also provide fuel for your workouts or any physical activities you may do.

Those that have blood sugar concerns ​should also enjoy the benefits of clean snacking. The healthy nutrients that you put into your body will help to keep your blood sugars even especially if you stay consistent with the diet.  


Healthy Snacks To Keep You Slim In The Summer

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​What Are The Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss?

​According to medical research, ​foods that are rich in zinc, selenium, and iron help to keep your thyroid gland functioning properly. And since the thyroid regulates your metabolism, it's crucial that the healthy snacks you choose have some of these important nutrients. And it sure makes losing weight easier when you can rev up your metabolism!

​Protein fans will be happy to hear that you can ​eat healthy snacks loaded with protein ​which will promote weight loss. So not only can you keep the waistline in check, you can also keep your strength up and potentially add muscle too!

​Obviously, these healthy snack ideas aren't magic weight loss solutions. The pounds aren't going to come off without some further effort. They are meant to be an addition to a sensible diet and exercise.

Let's take a look at some healthy snack ideas that may help for weight loss.

​Red Onion ​& Bell Pepper Guacamole

​Hosting a party and need a healthy snack? Or maybe something to tide you over in between meals? Enjoy all of the flavors and enormous health benefits of onions, peppers, avocados, carrots, and lemons. Find the recipe here

​Apple Slices With Peanut Butter

​A super simple combo that is self explanatory. With each serving comes with an ample supply of fiber and protein which will help keep the unhealthy snack cravings away! 

​Oatmeal & Blueberries

​We probably all know by now how important oats and oatmeal are for us. The health benefits include weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and less risk of heart disease. The problem is, sometimes oatmeal is bland. And to add sugar to help the taste makes it less healthy. We certainly don't want this if we can help it. 

This is where the blueberries come in to play. Often regarded as a superfood, blueberries are believed to have the highest antioxidant levels of all of the fruits and vegetables. They may also prevent heart disease, lower risks of cancer, and improve memory. And they just plain taste great!

The next time you prepare some oatmeal, add some blueberries on top. Your future self will thank you!

​Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies With Yogurt

​There are literally hundreds if not thousands of smoothie combinations you can make. Sometimes just getting your blender out and start mixing is the best way to find your preference. 

My favorite mix consists of coconut milk, pineapple, banana, cranberries, kale, and strawberry yogurt. How's that for a healthy drink? The best part is it tastes amazing too!

​Banana & Peanut Butter

​Another easy, but nutritious snack idea. You can even put the banana and peanut butter on whole wheat toast if you want something more filling. Bread isn't obviously the best thing for weight loss but at least you'll be getting some grains.

​Cottage Cheese

​One of my favorite foods to snack on. Cottage cheese is high in protein, calcium, and B vitamins. A small amount is filling enough so you can suppress hunger until the next meal. 

​Best Healthy Snacks On The Go For Traveling

​​It's very hard to eat nutritious meals when traveling. Hitting up fast food during a road trip or at the airport is much too easy these days. 

However, planning ahead and bringing along some healthy snacks is super easy. And by prepping in advance, you will save money by not having to buy at an expensive convenience store along the way. It's much better to buy the items at your favorite grocery store so you can get your price instead of being forced into ​bad prices because of lack of options.

Here are some awesome healthy snack ideas for the busy traveler!

​Mixed Nuts

​Does it get any easier or more convenient than mixed nuts for traveling? Seriously, I'm snacking on them right now!

Not only are they super portable, they are also very nutritious as they are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fat.

Mixed nuts make a great travel companion because they will satisfy hunger and don't need to be kept cold. Perfect for tossing in a bag and if you happen to forget about them for awhile, no harm done. They won't spoil!

For those with a sweet tooth but don't want to crush the healthy snack concept, you can opt for the trail mixes that have a little chocolate.


​Speaking of convenience, jerky certainly fits the bill. You can buy it by the bag or individually packaged sticks. This protein packed snack will be sure to fuel your body and keep those muscles energized. 

There are many kinds of jerky to choose from. From beef and ​turkey all the way to alligator. Beef is the most common variety you will find in the stores.

Fair warning, jerky is expensive. It's not something you want to buy at the gas station because you will likely pay a few dollars more. Plan accordingly!

​Canned Sardines

​Want a perfect traveling snack that is very low maintenance and highly good for you? You may not have considered sardines, but I'm hoping I can convince you to try them out!

​As a canned fish, sardines are high in protein, have omega-3 fatty acids for heart health, and are high in potassium and vitamin B12.

To me, it's a no-brainer traveling snack. I like sardines on crackers so you may want to consider bringing some of them along too.


​Pistachios are so addicting, it's hard to put them down once you start eating. Fortunately, they are a great source for protein and fiber. If you are going to pig out, it might as well be good for you!


Popcorn is great ​if you are looking for a light, healthy snack to tide you over between meals. Just be sure to keep it ​clean and forego the movie theater butter and heavy salt.

​In-Shell Sunflower Seeds

​Instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips you can crush in minutes, opt for sunflower seeds instead. You will have to work for them since they are in the shell, but you won't mind since they are so tasty! 

Sunflower seeds are loaded with heart healthy selenium and are rich in B vitamins.

​​Healthy Chex Mix

​Chex Mix has been around for a long time. And for good reason as it is an awesome snack. For an even healthier snack option, check out this recipe for Cinnamon Maple Healthy Sweet Chex Mix. By adding just a few key nutritious ingredients, you can make this a very good choice for your diet.

​​Easy Healthy Snacks For Work

​​​Just because you grind away in the office for eight or more hours per day doesn't give you an excuse to snack on free donuts all day! In fact, sitting in our chairs for hours on end is exactly the reason why we need to clean up our diets to include healthy snack options.

With a little bit of planning for the week, there are many different healthy options for snacks you can take to work. Most of them are very convenient and portable. Exactly what you want for the office.

​Yogurt With Granola

Do you have access to a refrigerator at work? Or have a small cooler you could take to the office? If so, yogurt with granola would make an excellent addition to your daily diet. 

Yogurt provides protein and calcium and is also said to enhance healthy gut bacteria. By pairing this with granola, which is high in fiber and iron, you have a potent duo to get you through the day!

​Fresh Fruit

​It doesn't get much easier than packing an apple or banana does it? But yet, so many neglect these powerhouse fruits. 

Take it a step further and add oranges, cut up melon, cherries, or pears. You can even make your own fruit medley if you desire!

​Hard Boiled Eggs

​If you want a quick protein fix that is low in calories, take a couple hard boiled eggs to work. Each large egg contains about 80 calories and aside from the protein, they contain several important nutrients and antioxidants. 


​Avocados are a great choice for those who want a heart healthy snack. Each avocado is loaded with fiber, and can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They also contain more potassium than bananas. 

I also like them because they are extremely easy to eat. Just wash, cut down the center, remove the large seed and scoop out. And yes, you can put it on toast if you want to!

​Fresh Garden Salad

​The great thing about packing up a salad for work is that the options for healthy toppings are almost unlimited! You can add things like hard boiled eggs, carrots, peppers, cheese, onions, radish, etc. 

Be sure to pick out a salad dressing that won't negate the health benefits of the salad. Something like an oil and vinegar based dressing is usually the healthiest choice.

​Clif Bars

​Need to fuel your body at the office before heading out after work to exercise? Clif Bars are ​made for people who need a quick jolt of energy before, during, and after a workout. While not the best snack for non active people, they serve their purpose for people on the go. 


​Applesauce is a great snack because it is packaged for portability and is full of fiber and healthy carbs. You can even add some mixed nuts to it if you want to change the flavor profile a bit! 

​Canned Tuna or Pouches

​For some people, eating enough fish for those healthy omega 3's is a struggle. But it doesn't have to be. Tuna is packed with protein and is a healthy snack you can eat at your desk. There are many varieties, some with water, oil, or no water. Find which one best suites your taste and enjoy! 

​Cucumber Snack Ideas For The Summer

​One of the best parts about summer is the fresh produce! From farmers markets, to growing your own garden, the thought of eating ​home grown foods is exciting. 

One of the best memories of my childhood was helping in the garden. So many different varieties of ​produce were grown. One of my very favorites to this day is cucumber.

"Cukes" are very healthy for you. Some of the health benefits include: Hydration, reduced cancer risk, promotes healthy skin, combats bad breath, and is a great weight loss ​snack since they are full of fiber and fluid.

​ Here are some healthy snack ideas featuring cucumbers!

​Tomato, Cucumber, & Feta Salad

​Looking for a ​dish to ​use your fresh garden veggies this summer? The Tomato, Cucumber, & Feta Salad recipe is a perfect way to get your nutrients and some protein at the same time! 

​Whole Wheat Pasta With Tofu & Cucumber

​For those who desire a meal with no meat but yet has cucumber and whole wheat grains, check out the Whole Wheat Pasta With Tofu & Cucumber recipe. And if you make up a big batch, you can use the leftovers to snack on later!

​Cucumber-Lime Paletas

​Who doesn't like a refreshing, cool treat in the hot summer? Even better when you can incorporate a vegetable with it! Get the recipe here

​Kachumber Salad (aka Indian Cucumber Yogurt Salad)

The Kachumber Salad is an Indian inspired recipe which calls for many of the ​ingredients you might already have on hand. This one will sure to have your taste buds zinging! 

​Tuna Salad Cucumber Boats

​The next time you are in the mood for a tuna salad sandwich, try this concoction instead. Tuna Salad Cucumber Boats are made with fresh cucumber, Greek yogurt, and of course tuna. It's a light way to get all of the healthy benefits of these superfoods! Perfect for snacking!

​Cucumbers In Vinegar

​Does it even count as living if you haven't tried cucumbers in vinegar? This was an every summer thing growing up ​in my family. Two simple ingredients, cucumbers and vinegar. That's it. And good luck stopping once you start eating them! Here is the recipe

​Quick And Easy Cucumber Bites...Three Ways!

​Need a healthy snack idea for a party? These cucumber bites done three different ways will provide a little variety and a lot of good snacking! The toppings consist of egg salad, tuna salad, and smoked salmon and cream cheese. Get the recipe instructions here

​Cucumber Guacamole

​You wouldn't normally associate cucumber with guacamole, right? Just imagine a fresh batch of tasty guacamole with the slightest bit of crunch from the cucumbers. Delicious! You can find the recipe here.

​Mango Salsa

​Need a salsa fix or ​a topping to add to your signature dish like fish tacos for example? This cucumber mango salsa is a brilliant way to incorporate another veggie into the salsa mix. I think you will be amazed at how well the cucumber, mango, cilantro, scallion, and a bit of cayenne pepper jive together! 

​Additional Easy Healthy Snack Ideas

​If you would like even more healthy snack ideas, please watch the video linked above. You will find new ways to incorporate fruit and vegetables in quick, easy snacks!

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​What Are Your Favorite Healthy Snacks?

​​We love to collaborate! Want us to try your recipes and have them featured on our site? Drop us an email and let us know! We love trying new things and of course, are always looking for new ideas for​ holidays and events with friends and family!

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