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Cheap Cleaning Supplies Put To The Test And How To Store Them Safely

I love tidying up and have quite a lot of cleaning supplies! ​My love for cleaning started at an early age. I learned ​best practices from my parents who took good care of their home, farm and possessions to extend the life out of them. And I also had several jobs over the years working in a nursing home and a food factory where cleanliness was mandatory!

​One of the best gifts I give to friends who are expecting a baby is ​to deep clean their home a few weeks before their due date. We also moved a few times in our lifetime out of rentals and each time the landlord asked if I wanted to professionally clean their units as a side hustle. I'm flattered! But, I think if cleaning was a job I would get paid for, I wouldn't find it as enjoyable. Cleaning is therapeutic!

Since I've been cleaning for 30 years or so (yup, and I'm still a millennial), I know a lot of tips and tricks! I am going to share with you my favorite CHEAP cleaning products with pics of how I use them in my home! And also how I safely store my cleaning products to keep them away from pets and kiddos.

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