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National Workaholics Day: Take the Day Off & Give Your Brain a Break! Do These Activities Instead!

​​Are you the reliable employee who always shows up on time, covers for others when short-staffed, and puts in extra hours when you are needed? 

​Do you have a pile of vacation hours/PTO because you feel guilty about taking time off? 

​If so, did you know there is a day celebrated just for you on the calendar? 

National Workaholics Day is one of those fun "National Days" which is on July 5th every year.

​While these national days are often celebrated in jest, being considered a workaholic can be admirable. Working hard at your occupation provides a certain level of self worth. Your peers respect you. And your employer will hopefully recognize it which leads to pay increases, promotions, etc. 

However, work burnout is very real. If you don't take some personal time off periodically, it will catch up to you. Your job satisfaction will be lower and your performance will likely suffer.

People need to take time off to recharge from the grind. It's a must.  

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25 Minute Morning Workout Routine: Start Your Day Right With Lunges

Hey you! Yeah, the person reading this, not the gal or guy behind you. Do you have 25 minutes in a day for fitness?

Yes, you do.

Try a new morning workout routine to set your pace for the day. A morning workout routine has many benefits. It speeds up your metabolism, clears your thoughts and focus for the day. And, of course if you get your morning workout done early, you can dedicate the rest of the day to your other goals!

So, what’s stopping you? Are you not a morning person? Don’t worry, I wasn’t either. But over time, I developed a habit of going to bed early, and getting up earlier to get my work (blogging and morning workout routine!) in for the day. Since I also work full-time, I realized any ‘me time’ in the day doesn’t occur unless I carve out time for it. Early. And I’m a much happier person when I get my ‘me time’ in. Don’t feel guilty carving out time for yourself. We only get 1 life and have 1 body. It needs to be taken care of if we want to be a healthy, successful person and live the fullest life we can. 

Start reaping the benefits of an early morning workout routine right now!

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Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo: Is It Really Worth It? An ACV Rinse and Shampoo Test On Long Hair

Of course, I was fascinated with all the Facebook ads that were popping up on my iPhone screen about the apple cider vinegar​ (ACV) shampoo. Does it work? Or is this just a new trend? Hmm, I was in a perfect situation jump on the bandwagon and put it to the test!

I have a love/hate relationship with hair. I prefer having short hair. However, ever since my grandmother passed away from breast cancer, it’s been on my bucket list to grow my hair out long enough to donate.

My grandmother loved hair. Correction: she loved her hair! I know...such a rare quality to be in love with your own hair! Needless to say, going through chemo and losing her hair was a devastating blow to her self-esteem. Wigs itched, irritated her scalp and looked fake were her biggest complaints. And she was never given the opportunity to have a natural hair wig. 

This inspired me to grow my hair long enough to give someone the opportunity to have a natural hair wig. It’s a big world, and I’m sure there is another woman in need out there just like my grandma. But growing out my short hair to long, was a bit of a challenge.

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