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Family Budget Tips To Save You Huge Money!

Writing about a family budget is similar to discussing an emergency fund. Both are underappreciated and can be overlooked. Need proof? Only 39 percent of Americans have enough money to cover a $1,000 expense. What a horrific little statistic this is!

To me, budgets and emergency funds kind of go together. If you have an effective budget, you can get the emergency fund built up in no time. But if the budget is out of whack, you are going nowhere in a hurry. And the only emergency will be your 70 year old self still needing to be employed in the workforce. ​I say no thank you! And follow my family budget...

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Core Legal Documents You Cannot Afford To Live Without

I will admit, in my 20s when I heard the phrases Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive and Living Will I covered my ears. Walked away. Believed I would never need them. Life events don’t happen to me. We will be OK. It’ll all work out. After all, I have faith and that’s enough right? I didn’t understand the burden, stress and heartache it will place on others if something happens to me, or my significant other, if a person does not have these legal documents in place.

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How To Get Automatic Amazon Price Drop Notifications

​Sometimes in our household, we take being cheap, a-hem, I mean frugal too far. For instance, we were using a +10 year old internet router that was on it's last leg. I'll never forget one morning when my husband was sitting in his chair, and with a big sigh said, "I think our router is on the fritz, I better order a new one from before it goes out this week."

Randomly, he looks on the computer and was having a 10 minute flash sale for the EXACT router he wanted. $50 off from the original price! Pure luck he looked at the right moment to get in on a great deal of the router being the lowest price it's ever been at. (I wish his luck also applied with lottery tickets).

But, this got me thinking, "Why on earth haven't we been utilizing tools to give us automatic Amazon price drop notifications?!" I think so much of our time is spent researching the best products or prices. Then when we make the decision to buy, we go with what is currently out there the moment we finally make our decision.

However with minimal planning & effort, we could position ourselves for better deals. Today I'm going to break down ​three free options and tools you have at your own disposal for getting the best amazon price drop notifications. ​

What are you waiting for? Find out what they are right now!

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