Healthy Snacks To Keep You Slim In The Summer

​​Did you know that snacking plays an important role in keeping you slim and trim? No, not snacks like potato chips or candy bars. I'm talking about healthy snacks that will actually aid in keeping that waistline in check this summer by boosting your metabolism!

​Healthy snacks, when placed strategically in your day, will save you from overindulging on your larger meals. Healthy snacks throughout the day will also provide fuel for your workouts or any physical activities you may do.

Those that have blood sugar concerns ​should also enjoy the benefits of clean snacking. The healthy nutrients that you put into your body will help to keep your blood sugars even especially if you stay consistent with the diet.  

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Best Cocktails To Beat The Dog Days Of Summer- Serve These At Your Next Party!

​​When the dog days of summer are upon us, it's super important to stay hydrated. We all know the importance of keeping ample amounts of water flowing through our bodies. 

But once these water needs have been met and you desire something with a little extra kick, a refreshing summer cocktail will hit the spot!

​And since summer is the perfect time to have outdoor ​parties with friends, you should have some fun adult beverages on hand to pair with all of the ​delicious appetizers and main courses.  

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National Workaholics Day: Take the Day Off & Give Your Brain a Break! Do These Activities Instead!

​​Are you the reliable employee who always shows up on time, covers for others when short-staffed, and puts in extra hours when you are needed? 

​Do you have a pile of vacation hours/PTO because you feel guilty about taking time off? 

​If so, did you know there is a day celebrated just for you on the calendar? 

National Workaholics Day is one of those fun "National Days" which is on July 5th every year.

​While these national days are often celebrated in jest, being considered a workaholic can be admirable. Working hard at your occupation provides a certain level of self worth. Your peers respect you. And your employer will hopefully recognize it which leads to pay increases, promotions, etc. 

However, work burnout is very real. If you don't take some personal time off periodically, it will catch up to you. Your job satisfaction will be lower and your performance will likely suffer.

People need to take time off to recharge from the grind. It's a must.  

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