Best Cocktails To Beat The Dog Days Of Summer Serve These At Your Next Party

Best Cocktails To Beat The Dog Days Of Summer- Serve These At Your Next Party!

​​When the dog days of summer are upon us, it's super important to stay hydrated. We all know the importance of keeping ample amounts of water flowing through our bodies. 

But once these water needs have been met and you desire something with a little extra kick, a refreshing summer cocktail will hit the spot!

​And since summer is the perfect time to have outdoor ​parties with friends, you should have some fun adult beverages on hand to pair with all of the ​delicious appetizers and main courses.  


Best Cocktails To Beat The Dog Days Of Summer Serve These At Your Next Party

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​What Kind Of Cocktails Should I Serve At A Summer Party? 

​For some people, it is hard to beat a cold beer on a hot summer day. And obviously it doesn't get more convenient than grabbing a cold one out of the fridge or cooler! 

But of course, not all people like beer. And sometimes you just want to change it up.

If you are hosting a party or volunteering to bring some drinks, you have a lot of beverage options you can make.

It can be as simple as grabbing a bottle of your favorite liqueur and soda to mix or something with more prep like frozen drinks in the blender.

​Of course, if the party is at your place, the drink prep will be much easier since you can have the supplies readily available. At someone else's place, you never know what they do or don't have on hand unless you coordinate ahead of time.

So get your game plan together and let's figure out how to WOW your friends this summer with some ​phenominal cocktails.

​What Are The Best Frozen Cocktails For A Summer Party?  

​​Is there anything better on a hot summer day than eating or drinking something that is ice cold? Look around at the neighborhood kids eating popsicles....they have the right idea!

​As for the adults looking for a refreshing treat, there are plenty of delicious frozen cocktails to create for summer get-togethers.

Grab some ice, get the blender out, and let your creativity run wild with these wonderful frozen cocktail recipes!

​​Frozen Margaritas

​When I think of frozen drinks, an ice cold Margarita is the first thing that comes to mind. It's hard to beat this slushy, sweet drink when trying to escape the heat. This recipe has four simple ingredients which means that drink will be in your hand pronto!

Frozen Margarita Recipe

Source- Isabel Eats

​Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

​A staple of the frozen drink family, strawberry daiquiris are always a hit at summer parties. One sip and you will think you are at the beach or poolside! Here is a very comprehensive recipe with everything you will need to make the best daiquiris this summer.

Easy Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

Source- Whitney Bond

​Pi​​na Colada

​If you like Pina Coladas.........sorry had to do it! You'll feel like singing that song when you have one of these refreshing drinks in your hand. Especially if you have one too many! This five minute recipe will be just what you need to get feelin' right.

Perfect Pina Colada Recipe

Source- Dine And Dish

​Miami Vice Cocktail

​I have to admit, I had never heard of a Miami Vice drink until I was on a vacation in Jamaica several years ago. I didn't know what to order but I knew I wanted something cold and tropical. The bartender suggested a Miami Vice. I laughed at the name since I was familiar with the TV show from the 80's.

So what is it? It's half strawberry daiquiri and half pina colada. And totally amazing. It is my "go to" vacation beach drink!

Miami Vice Cocktail Recipe

Source- Salty Canary

​Tropical Slush

​Now here is a drink you can actually drink out of a pineapple! Along with the pineapple, the added flavors from coconut and lime will sail you away to a remote island paradise. Even though the recipe doesn't call for alcohol, you can add some rum for adult zing! 

Tropical Slush​​​

Source- Fav Family Recipes​

​Tropical Peach Pineapple Slush

​Looking for a tasty frozen drink with no added sugar and plenty of booze? I have just the recipe for you! I dare you to look at the pictures and not start licking your lips. 

Tropical Peach Pineapple Slush

Source- Averie Cooks

​What Are The Best Party Punches To Fill Up Your Pitcher?

​The easiest way to provide a refreshing drink to a group of people is to mix a big batch and fill up a pitcher or bowl. This is not only handy for you, but also the guests as they can help themselves. The only thing you have to keep an eye on is possibly refilling the container since your drinks will be the hit of the party! 

Here are some awesome big batch mixes you can try at your next summer party!

​Sunset Punch

​This punch is perfect for the bourbon lovers out there. Once garnished with some lemon slices, this drink is picture perfect for your summer party! 

Sunset Punch Recipe

Source- Food And Wine

​Lemonade Rum Punch

​Rum punch is one of the most popular island drinks. In fact, some vacation resorts will greet you with rum punch as soon as you check in! Here is a delicious version featuring lemonade that will not disappoint. 

Lemonade Rum Punch

Source- Delish

​Sangria Lemonade

​If you would like a way to incorporate fresh fruit into a boozy punch, look no further. This recipe includes raspberries, oranges, and apples. A great way to get some nutrients while tipping a few back!

Sangria Lemonade

Source- Delish

​Tequila And Campari With Tangerine

​A punch with fresh tangerines and tequila? Yes please! Check out the bright color on this perfect for summer blend. 

Tequila And Campari WIth Tangerine

Source- Serious Eats

​Whiskey Sour Party Punch

​Whiskey is often thought of as more of a fall/winter thing. Something to warm you up if you will. However, this particular punch throws that idea right out the window! Heck, it even looks like a tropical drink.

Whiskey Sour Party Punch

Source- Tastefully Eclectic

​Long Island Iced Tea

​Ok these buggers will mess you up if you aren't careful! But they are also very good and one of my favorite drinks on a hot day. Sorry to say there isn't any tea in the recipe but there are a lot of other tasty things that will quench a thirst. 

Long Island Iced Tea

Source- Simply Recipes

​Blue Hawaiian Party Punch

​We can't have a list of boozy punches without the iconic Blue Hawaiian Party Punch! Just looking at the pictures will make you thirsty. This recipe is perfect for a crowd.

Blue Hawaiian Party Punch

Source- Crazy For Crust

​What Are Some Easy To Mix Drinks That Are Quick And Convenient? 

​Making frozen drinks and party punches are a lot of fun. But sometimes a person just doesn't have a lot of time to spare. Fear not because there are good beverages to be had that don't require a lot of time or a recipe card. Here are some ideas which basically call for two simple ingredients. Well three if you count the ice!

  • Rum and Coke
  • Gin and Tonic
  • ​Screwdriver (Vodka and Orange Juice)
  • Mimosa (Champagne and Orange Juice)
  • Bourbon and Lemonade
  • Whiskey and Ginger Ale
  • The Arnold Palmer (Lemonade and Sweet Tea Vodka)
  • Dark and Stormy (Dark Rum and Ginger Beer)

​5 EASY Summer Cocktails

​Check out this video for five more easy summer cocktails with step by step recipe directions! The presentation and taste of these drinks will wow your guests this summer!

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​What Are Your Favorite Summer Cocktails? 

​​We love to collaborate! Want us to try your recipes and have them featured on our site? Drop us an email and let us know! We love trying new things and of course, are always looking for new ideas for​ holidays and events with friends and family!

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