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​Who Is An?

By day, An works in the areas of Finance. In the evening, An is a wife and a mom of 2! In the wee early morning hours, An devotes her time to her next love: Simple Suit Life. 

​Overall, An prefers to see her money working for her instead of hanging in her closet. Which, can be difficult (but not impossible!). ​An loves finding the best deals ​when it comes to food, hair and makeup, shopping and in their home. An and her husband J both enjoy living a simpler lifestyle, one that is not keeping up with the Joneses!

​An loves to host events for family and friends. But does not go all-out-crazy! She keeps things simple and makes sure everyone is well fed and happily entertained. Neighborhood potlucks and grillouts are her favorite!

​How Was Simple Suit Life Created?

After obtaining her masters degree in 2009, An knew she eventually wanted to become an author, blogger and entrepreneur. For the past few years, An and her husband J have blogged about their life adventures and personal & professional development paths. It was a great experience & time to learn about website development marketing, but most importantly - make friends in the online blogging community. In 2018, An launched Simple Suit Life which has a much narrower focus & mission: Inspire young adults to make wise money, career, home and lifestyle decisions.

​What Experience Does An Have?

An believes in education and awareness and is career driven. She has worked in every job category under the sun (almost! babysitting, certified nurses assistant, professional cleaner, biological science technician, admin assistant, program analyst, budget analyst, business manager) and she has a clear understanding of what she does and does not want to do in life.

She’s ​has a few degrees: AA in Accounting, BS in Health Sciences and MBA in Management & Business Administration. She is continuously finding ways to keep growing personally and professionally​ and Simple Suit Life is a great way to accomplish this.

What's The Goal Of Simple Suit Life?

​Simple Suit Life was created to motivate people to live a classic, simple and purposeful lifestyle. 

An’s personal motto is, “Celebrate Successes, Offer Encouragement Through Failures, & Surround Yourself With Those Who Are Healthy FOR YOU!”

The information contained on Simple Suit Life is for general information purposes only. Please ​see the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages for full disclosure.

Have any questions for An? Reach out to her at an@simplesuitlife.com or follow her on Pinterest or Twitter!

Start Living a Classic & Simple ​Life!