Do you want to make money in your spare time? Virtual Assistants are in high-demand? If this part-time gig is not for you, check out this list of other side jobs you can do from home to increase your income. #MakeMoneyFromHome

8 Amazing Side Jobs You Can Do From Home

Have you ever dreamed of making money outside of your normal 40 hour per week job to improve the family budget? Looking to bolster investment accounts to make money for you while you sleep? Or maybe even start a side job or business from home to eventually replace your current job?

I'm here to tell you making money from home is not only possible, but very practical in the booming online world. With millions of people hunkered down in their homes due to a global pandemic, now is the perfect time to diversify your income streams. Let's go over some of the best side jobs you can do from home!


There are many ways to increase your income. For starters, look at the hobbies you enjoy and ask yourself if you can make money from them! Here's a quick list inspire you to increase your income with a side job. #MakeMoneyFromHome

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Blog Your Way To Financial Gains

Let's start with a personal favorite, blogging. Blogging has a low startup cost and your income potential is really only bound by effort and marketing skills.

Now to be fair, blogging takes a lot of time and a lot of work. Most give up under a year after not seeing enough traffic, comments, etc. But those who stick with it and improve their skills can see remarkable growth and make good money.

It is not uncommon for blogs to make hundreds of dollars a month from ads and affiliates. Some make a few thousand, and more rarely (but possible) are the blogs making over $100,000 per month!

If you decide to start a blog, don't get discouraged if it doesn't take off immediately. Go at your own pace and try not to compare your results with other blogs. It's not unusual for a blog to take 6-8 months before it is able to generage income.

Freelance Writing From Home

Want an ideal side job that is perfectly suited for working from home? Consider freelance writing. Popular freelance sites like Fiverr make it easier to find money making writing opportunities. Hop on that site and take a look at how many reviews some of the writers have.

One of the nice things about this is you can choose your own rate to charge. Some charge $15-25 for a 500 word article. Others charge $150-200 for the same 500 word post. Depending on your skill set and willingness to take on the work, you can pick the project cost.    

Unleash Your Creativity With Graphic Design

Those who are artistically inclined and tech savvy might want to consider graphic design as a way to make money on the side. Small companies are always looking for fresh looks to their websites and often find it less expensive to hire a private graphic designer instead of a large company.

Graphic design is not limited to websites either of course. Photo editing, brochures, T shirt design, and logos for social media are all examples of work you might find if you are so inclined. Again, sites like Fiverr are great resources for this type of work.

Virtual Assistants Are In High Demand

As mentioned earlier, blogging is a lot of work. Writing posts is one thing, but a lot more goes into it. The social media aspect for promoting your blog is as much work, or more so, than writing. Thus the rise in popularity of Virtual Assistants.

VA's can alleviate much of the workload for people running online businesses. They can run Facebook and Twitter accounts. They can make pins for your Pinterest board. Really whatever the need is, there are people who can do it.

If you enjoy these types of tasks, you should really look into this as a side hustle. You might be amazed at the opportunities that are out there for VA's. 

Make money online by being a buyer for
Make money online buying and selling one ebay

Amazon And Ebay Sales - Become An Buyer Or Ebay Seller!

There is a lot of money to be made flipping products on Ebay and Amazon. Some have been able to make very successful full time careers this way. With price scanning apps at your finger tips, you can quickly see in the stores what items are worth purchasing to flip.

Garage sales are a perfect place to find bargains to flip. Most items are priced extremely cheap and you'd be surprised what people buy online. I've heard of some making a few hundred bucks during a weekend of garage sale purchases and flips.

Facebook Marketplace is also gaining traction for another avenue to buy and sell. Plus, they currently don't charge any fees for their transactions which means you get to keep your money when a sale is made!

Hobbies To Turn Into Income: Photography 

Have you noticed the increasing number of photographers working for themselves out of their home? I know of several people who are making a living doing just this.

Sure, you might have to leave your house for the photo shoots but the bulk of the website and promotional work can be done from home. Even though cell phones come with impressive cameras, there is always a need for wedding, graduation, children, and pet photos. Take advantage!

Make Money Online By Being a Freelance Writer and resume builder

Become A Resume Writer And Start Earning Cash

Do you have the ability to create stellar resumes for yourself that have landed you jobs in the past? If so, writing resumes for others might just be a way to earn you some side income.

A resume is basically the first impression a potential employer has of the job candidate. Those who lack the know how or the time to prepare a winning resume are now willing to pay money to someone who does.

Again, Fiverr or Upwork are excellent places to find potential work in this area. Resumes and cover letters created from scratch are bringing in $75-150 per project. And some resume experts have 80 jobs in queue!

Professional Dog Walkers Wanted!

Ok, so this side job will require you to leave your home. However, online services such as Rover make it easy to get your name out there to potential clients as a dog walker. For money of course! 

Not only are you getting paid, but you get to hang out with lovable (hopefully) dogs that will appreciate the exercise and potty break!

I know a person who does this on their work lunch break as a way to earn even more income. Average walkers make around $20 per walk. Not bad and a great way to get your steps in!

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Turn Your Hobbies Into Income

I didn't even begin to scratch the surface of the number of side jobs you can do! 

If you are looking to switch gears and do something full-time or if you are trying to supplement your income, these are some jobs that may spark an idea for you to try in your home:

  1. Blogger
  2. Freelance Writer
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Virtual Assistants
  5. Amazon or Ebay shopper & flipper
  6. Photographer
  7. Resume Writer
  8. Dog Walker

If you lack time and commitment, blogging may not be the route for you. As well as if you do not have the skills or cash to invest in equipment, photography may be hard to start up.

However, you can look at your current skills, think about what hobbies you currently enjoy and ask yourself if you can turn them in to part-time income. There's money to be made everywhere - go get yours!

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Can't quit your full-time job but want to increase your income? Check out these part-time jobs you can do from your home! #SideHustle #SideGig #SideJob #MakeMoney

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