4th of July Party Ideas: Throw A Fun, Sizzling Summer Party In 2019

4th of July Party Ideas: Throw A Fun, Sizzling Summer Party In 2019

​The 4th of July is a huge deal in our country. Way back on July 4th, 1776, congress approved the final text of the Declaration of Independence to make the United States an independent nation. Even though the papers weren't officially signed on this date, this is the ​event which is recognized. 

To ​celebrate our nation's independence, Americans gather together with friends and family to shoot off fireworks and enjoy each other's company.

​In order to properly salute our nation, and have a great time with ​your loved ones, you need to plan a rockin' 4th of July party this year!  

Let's check out some awesome 4th of July party ideas to make your gathering the summer's hottest bash!


These are some awesome 4th of July party ideas to make a gathering the summer's hottest bash! #4thofJulyPartyIdeas #PartyCity #4thOfJulyDrinks

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​4th of July Party Ideas - What Kind Of Party Are You ​Hosting?

​​When planning your 4th of July party, you must first figure out what kind of party you want to have. Are you having a small crowd or a raging block party? Perhaps somewhere in the middle? 

Will the gathering be fairly reserved or will you have to prepare for the possibility of overnight guests that have had one too many beverages? Things change in a hurry so it is good to be prepared! You might want to have the guest bedroom prepped and ready just in case.

Once you have these questions settled, the rest of the planning can fall into place.

​​Where is the ​4th of July Party Location?

​Many choose to have the 4th of July party at their own home provided they have the space. The backyard, garage or inside the house are great options for hosting and are very popular.

We prefer the backyard or garage since cleanup is much easier. And if there are spills, no big deal. Just put a big garbage can out that people can't miss!

If your home is not preferred, you could rent a spot at a park, lake, or campsite. Just be sure to check out the rules in advance for fireworks, cleanup, noise, etc.

​​​Invitations For Your Summer Party

​Once you have the location finalized, you can get the 4th of July party invitations created and sent out. Never thought about creating invites for a 4th of July party? There are many great companies online who do a great job with ​party invites, such as Shutterfly.

Be sure to shop around to get the best price. Many places online offer promotions, coupons and discounts! Especially free shipping!

Also, take advantage of technology and create a Facebook event for this big event. It's a ​fast way to get an approximate head count as people can accept or decline with a click.

These are some of the best food and drink ideas I get excited about when I attend a 4th of July Party! They are simple, classic and are sure to go over well with your guests. Give them a try! #EasyPartyFood #4thOfJulyPartyIdeas #4thOfJulyDrinks

​Best Food and Drink Ideas to Make Your Summer Party Sizzle

​​Once the location and invitations are set, you can get to the fun stuff. The menu planning! 

Backyard ​cookouts are a staple of the American ​4th of July party. The smell of the food, the fresh air of the outdoors, laughter of people socializing...good memories.

What's the one thing that could ruin such a fun event? Rain! And depending on your location, the chances of rain during the 4th of July party time could be pretty high. So it is important to plan a menu which can be executed either outside or indoors. Here are some ideas.

​Beverages: Punch, Sweet Tea, Soda, Bottles of Water, Beer, Wine, Margaritas, Daiquiris, Long Island Tea, etc. If there are small children attending the party, juice boxes go over well!

Appetizers: Pasta and Lettuce Salads, Assorted Fruit, Watermelon, Tortilla Pinwheels, Chicken Wings, Chips with Salsa or Guacamole, Taco Dip, Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers.

Main Course: BBQ Ribs, Pulled Pork, Sub Sandwiches, Taco Bar, Hamburger Sliders, BBQ Chicken, Burger and Hot Dog Bar. Deli meats, cheeses and buns are also a great option for a build-your-own sandwich station.

Desserts: Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake, Peach Cobbler, Blueberry and Cherry Pie, Stars and Stripes Cupcakes, Brownies, Ice Cream Flag Cake.  

​4th of July Party ​​Backyard Game Ideas For Kids

​Some guests will come to your 4th of July party and leave rather quickly. Even though your party will be the best in town, they will feel obligated to make an appearance and then duck out.

But those who do plan on staying for the duration will likely need some entertainment. Especially if they bring their kids along! Here are some entertainment ideas that will wear the kids out and provide some laughs. 

  • ​Inflatable Bouncy House
  • Rent a photo booth
  • Cornhole aka Bean Bag Toss Game
  • Croquet
  • Ladder Toss
  • ​Potato Sack Race
  • ​Tug-of-War Contest
  • Decorate with helium balloons. It's a great way to fill small spaces and each child can go home with one. Buy and have them filled at your local dollar store and you can get a lot for your money!
  • Face Painting

​I know you think face painting might be an odd idea, but have you ever seen how kids will stand still, patiently waiting in line to have their face painted?! It's crazy! But also a good distraction if you don't have a lot of space and you want to keep them behaving while their folks visit! ​This is also a great way to keep teenagers engaged by painting the faces of children if they are too "cool" to play the other games and ​maybe prevent them from saying "I'm so bored, when can we go?"

​Indoor And ​​Outdoor Entertainment Ideas For ​Adults

​We can't let the kids have all the fun, right? Most adults are usually entertained with food, drink, and some chit chat. However, it is fun to change it up a bit and play a game or two. 

Since the weather is unpredictable, having both indoor and outdoor activities is a smart approach. Plus, your guests might want a change of scenery from being outside or inside the whole time. Here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor fun!

Indoor Entertainment: Ping Pong, Pool, Air Hockey, Card Games, Dice and Dominoes Games

Outdoor Entertainment: Jenga Giant Hardwood Game, Yard Yahtzee (Yardzee), Bocce Ball, Giant Chess/Checkers

​4th of July Party Outfits, Matching Shirts, Hats & Clothing

​What to wear to a party is always a frustration of mine. My outfit always depends on the weather. Is it going to be rainy, windy, sunny, too hot or too cold? Unfortunately, I can't plan my outfit out too far in advance and have to listen to the local news about a week or so out. So, planning for multiple types of weather is a must if you going to be outdoors.

One way to eliminate the frustration of what to wear is to organize buying or making matching shirts or other clothing attire. My friend and I ran a 5k on the 4th of July and so we bought matching tank tops from Walmart and it's still my go-to tank every 4th of July! 

There's many fun, quirky ideas you can do too such as hats, visors, T-shirts, etc. ​Spreadshirt and Custom Ink are a couple of online screen printing shops with a great customer service reputation.

​Christmas In July Themed Party Decorations​

​Christmas in July is a winter themed event that takes place in the heat of the summer. You may still see Santa Claus and his reindeer, but ​he might be eating ice cream instead of milk and cookies!  And he might be wearing shorts and drinking a Mojito. 

If you are planning a Christmas in July themed party, you'll need some decor items and party favors to hand out. After all, one of the best things about Christmas is giving!

A simple way to decorate for this party is to put up your traditional Christmas decor. It doesn't have to be complicated or costly! You can certainly use what you already have. If you want to add summer flair, you can arrange a beach themed Christmas tree. You could include summer vacation photos and mementos from trips as ornaments. 

These 4th of July flag ornaments available on amazon.com would look super cute on a tree or hanging from your Christmas wreath!

​​When planning your 4th of July party, you must first figure out what kind of party you want to have. Are you having a small crowd or a raging block party? Perhaps somewhere in the middle? Click Here to get the best 4th of July Party Ideas! #4thofJulyPartyDecorations #4thofJulyPartyInvitations

​​Best 4th of July Party Cities ​With Great Beaches

​If you don't want to host your own 4th of July party this year, that is OK! Check out this list of ​top party cities you can vacation in and still have a good time! I

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These are some awesome 4th of July party ideas to make a gathering the summer's hottest bash! #4thofJulyPartyIdeas #PartyCity #4thOfJulyDrinks

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