25 Minute Morning Workout Routine: Start Your Day Right With Lunges

Hey you! Yeah, the person reading this, not the gal or guy behind you. Do you have 25 minutes in a day for fitness?

Yes, you do.

Try a new morning workout routine to set your pace for the day. A morning workout routine has many benefits. It speeds up your metabolism, clears your thoughts and focus for the day. And, of course if you get your morning workout done early, you can dedicate the rest of the day to your other goals!

So, what’s stopping you? Are you not a morning person? Don’t worry, I wasn’t either. But over time, I developed a habit of going to bed early, and getting up earlier to get my work (blogging and morning workout routine!) in for the day. Since I also work full-time, I realized any ‘me time’ in the day doesn’t occur unless I carve out time for it. Early. And I’m a much happier person when I get my ‘me time’ in. Don’t feel guilty carving out time for yourself. We only get 1 life and have 1 body. It needs to be taken care of if we want to be a healthy, successful person and live the fullest life we can. 

Start reaping the benefits of an early morning workout routine right now!


After being dedicated and doing this workout for 3 weeks, I started to see amazing results! I fit back into shorts I wore before college, and had so much more core strength and energy to keep up with my toddler. #WorkoutRoutine #Excercise #WorkoutMotivation

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​​Benefits Of An Early Morning Workout: Metabolism Booster

This morning workout routine is great for anyone on any fitness level. Moves can be modified to accommodate your flexibility and current strength skills. I used to be a runner. But I kept having recurring back, hip and knee issues. Specifically stress fractures and IT band issues. Even with the help of a personal trainer and chiropractor, it was an uphill battle.

I hung up my running shoes when I was pregnant and found myself not having time to get back into fitness until my kid was about 2 years old. I wanted my morning workout routine back, but wasn’t sure where to begin without running. My husband encouraged me to lunge everyday to build my core and back muscles back up.

Naturally, I was skeptical. Because how do lunges help your core? And worse, lunges make you bigger! That’s a lie. When done right, and consistently, it does build your core and back muscles! If I consistently lunged in my morning workout every day, for 3 weeks, I found it speeds up your metabolism (goodbye baby weight! I won’t miss you!). And gives you some pretty cut thighs. Of course, a booya booty. No complaints from the spouse in this area.

In my opinion, there’s also no better way to build your core muscles. This is such a struggle to get this back after having a kid. Lunges also fix a weak back which is another issue caused by sitting too much at our desks and not standing.

I am not a doctor, nor professional trainer. You should always consult your doctor and gain a professional understanding of your current health before you begin a new exercise.

Now let’s get started!

1. Warm Up: Leg and Arm Lifts (5 minutes)

Leg Lifts – via GIPHY

Since I hung up my running shoes when I was pregnant, I wanted to still be active. I bought Tracy Anderson’s The Pregnancy Project workout DVDs. They were great and I still do the leg and arm lifts before any workout today! Warming up your muscles before lifting or any cardio is a must for me to prevent injury.

Side Leg Lifts - via GIPHY

I’ll start with basic leg extensions, 30 on each side, then bent leg lifts. Yes, like make a triangle with your leg and open it up (these suck in my opinion). And I’ll do 20 reps on each leg for this.

To make it more challenging, I’ll also do arm lifts during leg lifts. Use a resistance band if you feel like being hard core!

​2. ​Lunge forward (6 minutes), backward (6 minutes), and SQUATS (2 minutes) 

Lunge, lunge, lunge! Via – GIPHY

I do 100 forward lunges in a row, with arm curls. No, I didn’t do 100 starting out my routine, I slowly worked my way up to a 100 forward lunges. Then incorporated arm weights.

Then, standing in place, I do a 100 lunges backwards with different type of arm movements. Straight arms out to the side, in front of you (yes, these suck too), overhead presses and down squeezing back muscles together, etc. Mix it up – this is your workout! Work your arms and back out the way you want to do it!


I also squat in place with overhead arm presses. Sometimes, I get adventurous and use a weight bar, or if I’m lazy I just use 2-10lb free weights…whatever I have laying around!

​​3. ​Ab Roller (2 minutes)  

Ab Roller Fail – Via GFYCAT.com

An ab roller is one of the smallest, most humbling pieces of workout equipment. It will make you feel like the wimpiest person ever. I got one after having a kid as I really wanted to build my core back up. And I couldn’t do one! I ended up tossing it aside, doing my lunge routine for 3 weeks, then picked up the ab roller to try again.

And I was surprised!

I could do 10 in a row! Undoubtedly, it was the lunging that built my core up enough to successfully, finally use the ab roller. I’ll do these until I pretty much almost fall on my face…some days it’s 10, some days it’s 20. Some days I will skip the ab roller as I don’t want the punishment! 

Planking Alternatives - Via GIPHY

​If you can’t use an ab roller right away like I did, try planking instead. Then work your way up and do a few sets at a time if you can…one at a time counts and you will build up to more!

​4. ​Cool Down (4 minutes)  

Cool Down Stretches - Via GIPHY

I may do a few more squats, but I basically also do the leg lift routine again or incorporate some zenful yoga moves.

My favorite yoga DVD is actually from P90X. I know – throwback! If you have time to do the complete, hour and half yoga workout, it will set your body right for the day! Or even, make you sleep like a baby at night!

Need workout motivation? Try my favorite 25 minute morning workout routine! This has been my go-to workout for increasing my metabolism, my core strength and helping me get my pre-baby figure back. If you are dedicated, in just 3 weeks you can start seeing results! #WorkoutPlan #QuickWorkout #ExerciseForBeginners

Morning Workout Plan BONUS Quotes & Tips:

Unfortunately, I don’t have an hour and a half in my day to dedicate to working out. But I do have 25 minutes! And that’s all the time I need to break into a huge sweat from doing the above routine, get my heart pumping and really feel like I accomplished a lot in just a short amount of time.

​Earthing - Lunging - Outside! - Via GIPHY

Mix it up! When it’s a nice time of year, I’ll do this outside, barefoot! It’s the best way to get your earthing game on also while working out. In my opinion, a morning workout routine is the best way to start your day. And kick up your metabolism.

Be sure to pair exercise with other healthier habits. We make fruit and veggie smoothies a priority in our diet. I find if I have one as my breakfast mid morning, and eat one before dinner at night, I am not eating as much junk and I feel like my immune system is better.

And as I mentioned above, I got to bed earlier, so I can get up earlier in the morning. I am not sacrificing my sleep. Because I’ve developed a habit, I don’t need an alarm most days and I naturally wake up between 3-4am!

Overall, it’s up to you! Make fitness a priority in your life. My personal motto is:

​Celebrate Successes, Offer Encouragement Through Failures, & Surround Yourself With Those Who Are Healthy FOR YOU!​ ~ An, Simple Suit Life

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​I believe in surrounding yourself with positive people and energy to also help you succeed on your path to success.

After al​l, health = wealth!

I used to love running. But after too many stress fractures, I had to hang up my shoes. My husband helped me to develop the right fitness workout for my body type and it has been the BEST Workout for strengthening my core muscles and increasing my metabolism! Bonus - it helps you get that booya booty ;) #MorningWorkoutRoutine #QuickWorkout

Final Thoughts & Summary Of My 25 Minute Morning Workout Routine, Benefits​ & Tips:

  1. ​A morning workout routine speeds up your metabolism, clears your thoughts and allows you to dedicate the rest of the day to your other work goals and time with family & friends.
  2. This is one of the best metabolism boosting workouts you can do! Pair it with a healthier lifestyle, one filled with vegetables, fruits and other smart food choices, and it will set you on the right path to succeed.
  3. The workout consists of warming up your arms and legs, lunging forward and backwards, squats, using an ab roller and a cool down with yoga stretches!
  4. The moves can be modified depending on your fitness level. Start slow. Always consult your doctor or personal trainer before beginning a new exercise to make sure it’s right for you.
  5. Surround yourself with positive energy and inspiration. Health = Wealth!

What’s your favorite workout routine? What helps keep you on the path of healthy habit building? I’d love to hear from you!

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This morning workout routine is the best plan a person should get into! It strengthens your core, back and speeds up your metabolism! This is a must if you have a job where you sit too much! #Fitness #Health #MorningWorkoutRoutine #Lunges

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