23 Summer BBQ Recipes That Will Win Over Your Guests- A Must Try At A Backyard Grilling Party

23 Summer BBQ Recipes That Will Win Over Your Guests- A Must Try At A Backyard Grilling Party!

​​Ah summer.....hot days and plenty of neighborhood cookouts. This is the season that BBQ enthusiasts dream of! After all, who wants to heat up the house and overwork the air conditioner when you have a perfectly good grill outside? Not to mention the food tastes significantly better on the grill in my opinion.

If you are like me, you have a certain rotation of "go to" BBQ recipes. Tried and true favorites you can almost do blindfolded. But you know how it goes with doing the same thing over and over again. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

So whether you are hosting a backyard grilling party or just want to try something different for your own household, it's important to have lots of options in your arsenal.


23 Summer BBQ Recipes That Will Win Over Your Guests- A Must Try At A Backyard Grilling Party

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​What Types Of Foods Should I BBQ For A Grilling Party?

​So you have accepted the challenge of grilling food for a backyard grilling party? Excellent, I love your attitude already! 

Now the question is what are you going to make?

When it comes to food types for the grill, you are generally looking at:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables

Of course you can get fancy and do baked good and cocktails on smokers and grills but that is a topic for a different day. We are sticking to the main courses (and a few appetizers) today!

​What Type Of BBQ Grill Is The Best For Your Summer Feasts? 

​​You can make wonderful BBQ on all different kinds of grills. I've owned several different types through the years. From charcoal to propane to a pellet smoker. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. 

​My current and favorite so far is the Traeger pellet smoker. I use it for everything we put on the grill. It's great for long cooks but it will also do just fine for the quicker stuff too. Since it's almost like an oven, you can walk away from it and not worry about grease flare-ups like you do with a gas grill. 

No matter what you have though, as long as it functions, you can knock out some awesome BBQ recipes to rock a grilling party!

​​Which Seasonings Should I Have On Hand For BBQ Cookouts? 

​​​Speaking from experience, you always want a well-stocked selection of seasonings on hand. Few things in life are more frustrating than firing up the grill, only to find out that you are missing your favorite rub or seasoning salt.

​Natural grill flavoring via smoke or flame goes a long way but you still need seasoning.

I always make sure to have an ample supply of the following:

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Famous Dave's Rib Rub
  • ​Lawry's Seasoned Salt
  • McCormick Grill Mates Honey Hickory Rub
  • McCormick Grill Mates Chipotle & Roasted Garlic Seasoning
  • McCormick Applewood Rub
  • Miscellaneous Prairie Dust and BBQ Seasonings

I always enjoy trying new rubs and seasonings. It's amazing how a simple change in spice or seasoning can totally change the flavor profile. Life is too short to do everything the same way!

​Amazing Grilled Beef Recipes

​Steak & Garlic Bread Kabobs

​Two of my favorite things in life....steak and garlic bread. Together on a stick! This combo (along with cherry tomatoes) will be the hit of your backyard grilling party. 

Steak & Garlic Bread Kabobs

Source- The Salty Marshmallow

​Cheeseburger Sliders

​Cheeseburgers are always a hit at a party. Kids and adults love them plus they are easy to eat and cook. You don't have to slave away in the kitchen or in front of the grill for hours to make them. An added bonus is the distinct smell from the burgers that will get all the stomachs growling at your party! 

Cheeseburger Sliders

Source- Confetti & Bliss

​Grilled Beef And Blue Cheese Tacos

​Who doesn't love tacos? I swear we have them once a week at our house. This recipe steps it up a notch with sirloin steak, red onions, and plenty of tasty seasonings. Enjoy!

Grilled Beef And Blue Cheese Tacos

Source- Taste Of Home

​Smoked Brisket

​I'm all for foods that are quick and easy to make. But sometimes I want to step up my game and do a long cook to give my smoker a workout. A great way to do this and to impress your friends is by putting a brisket on the grill. 

Be sure to allow for plenty of time. This recipe calls for 7 hours of grill time. But it will be worth every minute!

Smoked Brisket

Source- Traeger

​Grilled Flank Steak Gyros

​Gyros are a fun, summer food that make me think of walking around the county fair while people are on rides, playing games, and of course eating tremendously naughty food! But these gyros aren't that naughty. In fact, along with abundant protein from the steak, you'll find a few different veggies to add flavor and nutrition! 

Grilled Flank Steak Gyros

Source- My Recipes

​Chicken Recipes For Your BBQ Cookout

​Grilled Chicken Kabobs With Vegetables

​Chicken breasts are packed with protein and are a lot leaner than most other meats. The only challenge is making it flavorful. When you pair the chicken with veggies however, the flavor issue goes away. 

We've been making chicken kabobs regularly this summer. They are even good as leftovers the next day! We've also added brown rice to the mix which really jives well. 

Grilled Chicken Kabobs With Vegetables

Source- Well Plated

​Bourbon BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings

​If you are going to have a party, somebody needs to bring the wings. It may as well you! Here is a recipe that is perfect for those of you who have smokers. A little sweet and a little heat, yum!

Bourbon BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings

Source- The Chunky Chef

​Beer Can Chicken

​When it comes to chicken, I routinely make chicken wings, thighs, and drumsticks. Sometimes though, you just feel like making the whole thing! If you've never had beer can chicken, you need to try it. The flavor is just unbeatable. 

Beer Can Chicken​

Source- A Farmgirl's Dabbles

​BBQ Chicken Nachos

​Looking for a killer appetizer to start the party off right? These BBQ chicken nachos are just what you are looking for. Don't forget the jalapenos to really spice things up!

BBQ Chicken Nachos​

Source- Traeger

​Grilled Chicken With Cobb Salad

​A summer backyard food party isn't complete without a refreshing salad. And when you add some grilled chicken, eggs, bacon, and avocado to the mix, you have a clear winning dish!

Grilled Chicken With Cobb Salad

Source- Food Network

​Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza 

​Pizza is always a hit at parties. While delivery pizza is good, why not change it up with handmade BBQ chicken pizza piping hot from your grill? Throw on some bacon, onion, tomato, peppers, and corn for toppings and great taste!

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Source- Jessica Gavin

​Step Up Your BBQ Game With These Pork Recipes!

​Smoked Pork Ribs

​My favorite food to put on the smoker by far is pork ribs. It doesn't matter if we are talking baby back ribs, St. Louis style, or spare ribs. All of these cuts are delicious. 

Here is a great guide on how to prepare and cook the ribs. I love how it goes into very specific detail on getting them done just right. Some people prefer "fall off the bone" meat while others prefer a little stick to the bone "tug". This guide will lay all of that out for you.

How To Smoke BBQ Pork Ribs

Source- The Spruce Eats

​Smoked Pork Loin

​Want an easy grilling option to feed quite a few people at your backyard cookout? Throw a pork loin or two on your smoker for 2-3 hours and you're set! Plus, the leftovers are great for sandwiches the day. Anytime you can have a quick lunch with leftovers is a win in my book!

The Best Smoked Pork Loin Recipe

Source- My Mommy Style

​Smoked Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwiches

​If you have the time, smoking a Boston Butt pork roast is an awesome choice for a party. The mouth-watering shredded pork makes for excellent sandwiches. Top it all off with some fresh slaw and we have a home run meal!

Smoked Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Source- Traeger

​Grilled Pork And Pineapple Tacos

​Did I mention I love tacos? Seriously though, ​they are perfect for social gatherings. You can setup a few spots for garnish and have your own taco bar super easily! 

This recipe unites the perfect marriage of salty (pork) and sweet (pineapple). A match made in food heaven!

Grilled Pork And Pineapple Tacos

Source- A Farmgirl's Dabbles

​Grilled Seafood Recipes For Your Backyard Party

​BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

​What doesn't taste better wrapped in bacon? As if scallops needed any help to taste great, adding bacon takes it to a whole different level! Quick and easy. 

BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Source- My Food And Family

​Cajun Shrimp And Sausage Skewers

​Shrimp and sausage have been a regular combo on our grill this summer. We just love it! This recipe kicks things up a notch or two with Cajun Spices and a special Sriracha cream sauce. Enjoy with a cold beverage to put the fire out!

Cajun Shrimp And Sausage Skewers

Source- Damn Delicious

​Grilled Fish Tacos

​I couldn't resist one last taco recipe. But seriously, fish tacos are the real deal! Fish is extremely quick to cook and the prep time is fast too. Add some tasty coleslaw on top and you'll have a summer party hit!

Grilled Fish Tacos

Source- Food & Wine

​Butt Kickin' Grilled Vegetables 

​Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

​This appetizer is seriously good and is one of the most requested foods we make on our smoker. Our friends just can't get enough. These will be a monster hit at your summer party. 

Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

Source- Traeger

​Grilled Garlic Potatoes

​It's always important to have a tasty side dish to compliment the other amazing foods at your party. These garlic potatoes will provide plenty of flavor, plus they are topped with yummy cheddar cheese. 

Grilled Garlic Potatoes

Source- All Recipes

​The Best Grilled Corn On The Cob

​One of the best things about summer is fresh corn on the cob. The memories take me back to when I was a child eating corn on the cob mom prepared with generous amounts of butter. And it's totally worth the annoyance of the corn getting stuck in your teeth!

The Best Grilled Corn On The Cob

Foodie Crush

​Grilled Green Beans

​Have you every tried green beans on the grill? You might not want them any other way once you do! It's so important to get these veggies in your body. Sometimes you have to change it up to make them exciting again. This recipe will deliver the flavor profile to get you back for seconds and thirds!

Grilled Green Beans

Source- What's Gaby Cooking

​Garlic Parmesan Grilled Steak Fries

​Homemade fries are hard to beat. And now we are putting them on the grill??? Awesome! This is a ​fantastic side dish or appetizer to serve guests at your summer party. 

Garlic Parmesan Grilled Steak Fries

Source- Everyday Dishes

​Fun Summer Grilling Recipes

​Want even more summer grilling recipes for your backyard party? Watch this short video with step by step instructions that will make your party foods stand out this summer!  

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​What Are Your Favorite Summer BBQ Recipes?

​​We love to collaborate! Want us to try your recipes and have them featured on our site? Drop us an email and let us know! We love trying new things and of course, are always looking for new ideas for​ holidays and events with friends and family!

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